Taking advantage of the fact that Americans always find anything said with a British accent instantly funnier, the theme of Chris Williams’ performances has long been: “Love Your Accent.” The phrase has been heard ever since the Brit in exile first moved to NYC in 2012 when he started writing and performing comedy. The comedian has been described as an unofficial British ambassador, rebuilding the British-American relationship one gig at a time. He performed across all of New York City including Gotham Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club and New York Comedy Club. He was much in-demand host with a loyal following at live shows as well as on social media. The culmination of his time he was captured at in July 2015 when he recorded "Love Your Accent" to a packed room at the legendary Otto's Shrunken Head.

Introducing West Country Stand Up Comedian Cerys Nelmes, born and bred in the centre of the Cotswolds! *Appeared in the last series of Trollied. Cerys can also be seen popping up on Casualty, Stella, The Coroner, Thirteen, Ill Behavior, Galavant and The Rack Pack* Cerys has had a very colourful and eventful life which she loves talking about to make people laugh. She performs her comedy in a story telling style with a West Country charm that is easy to warm to. Cerys has worked very hard to forge a strong career in the comedy industry. She is a leading mc on the comedy circuit, working for major UK clubs and UK charity events. Cerys has a fantastic stage presence and her audience interaction is flawless. The infamous 'Teenager' appears a lot in her work due to
audience demand! Cerys is making waves in the tv industry as one of the best female TV warm up artists, most recently working alongside George Lamb on Football Tonight for BT Sport. Cerys can also be seen on the Dave Channel on a Halfords advert and the Green Flag advert for ITV Weather.


Tom is one of the hottest young comedians and presenters on the circuit. He has been performing live stand-up for the last six years – with three Edinburgh solo shows under his belt – and has been the host of his own TV, radio and online shows on BBC2, BBC Radio1 and YouTube football channel Copa90 – where his Eurofan escapades have notched up over 1 million views.
Tom has made guest appearances on BBC2’s The Rob Brydon Show, Dave’s One Night Stand and ITV2’s Fake Reaction and this year he performed at The Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow in sold-out, 1000-seater theatres.