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Hello Citizens of Devizes and out-lying villages.(and maybe at a push, Melksham) how are we? Are you well? Obviously well enough to read something on the internet but let’s be honest you could probably do that at deaths door couldn’t you. Enjoying the summer? It will soon be over. At least we had one this year. Before you know it we will all be huddled around the fire hoping that Mr Putin does not turn off our power supply. Or even worse. Invade. So if at the moment you are too frightened to turn on the news, lest it’s tales of war, death, disease and famine put you into a spiral of depression may I be so bold as to suggest a way of waylaying the onset of those post summer blues? Devizes’ Only and Original Comedy Club will once again be bringing you the best from the international comedy circuit with MCs Martin Brown & Jack Brown. You also get 10% discount off your bill at Bear Grills Bistro on performance night on production of your ticket! The Shows take place at The Cellar Bar, The Bear Hotel Tickets are £10 Show begins bang on 8.30pm Here are line-ups and dates for the new season:

Thursday 21 August

Robin Morgan has quick wit and warm stage presence coupled with a wicked, cheeky streak. Wayne the Weird is a stand-up and close-up magician who recently walked and gigged from London to Portsmouth to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Katherine Ryan needs no introduction, having appeared on 8 Out of 10 Cats, Buzzcocks and Mock the Week. @Kathbum “Perfect timing and enough attitude to stop an elephant in its tracks” Time Out

Thursday 4 September

Here are two important facts about Rob Coleman: He writes beautifully crafted gags, stories and rants that increasingly come from his ever more bleak persona. He also possesses one of the finest heads of hair on the circuit. Headliner Christian Reilly began playing guitar and singing for Rich Hall and Bill Bailey which led to an appearance on Late Night with Conan O’ Brien. He’s the podcast sidekick of Richard Herring on As It Occurs To Me, voted best internet comedy at the highly-rated Chortle Awards. (plus guests) @christreilly
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Thursday 2 October

Sean McLoughlin turns his life of grinding poverty, social neuroses and artistic torment into dark humour for your entertainment. American Wes Zaharuk brings one of the

zaniest shows on the circuit and his eccentric collection of stupid prop tricks to Moonies. (plus guests) @weszaharuk
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Thursday 6 November

Now striking out on his own, Orry Gibbens is part of last year’s sell-out Edinburgh Festival show Don’t Drop The Egg and is a YouTube viral sketch hero. A writer on BBC sitcoms Not Going Out and Miranda, headliner Paul Kerensa is also potentially working on Joyride: The Roxette Musical. Come on, join the joyride. @paulkerensa

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Thursday 4 December

Currently supporting Russell Kane on his national tour, Welsh-Egyptian comic Omar Hamdi is one of the most distinctive rising stars in comedy. Njambi McGrath has been

described as the hottest thing to come out of Africa since the Sahara. Familiar face Andrew Watts is very nearly famous. However, he is already famous for once buying lavenderfrom a drug dealer in Brixton. (plus guests) @theAndrewWatts

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M/C’s for the night will be either esteemed performer and writer and broadcaster (BBC, Talkback…..the list just goes on and on) Martin Brown or young hairy upstart and bloke who seems to have a problem clearing his bedroom up when asked, Jack Brown, who will probably bore you with tales of him performing across the country opening for acts such as Russell Howard. I once gigged with Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran but you don’t hear me going on and on about it do you?!

Although to be fair you probably would if you lived in my house.

Hope you can come along to join our family (not in a weird way, you will not be required to drink Kool-Aid) at the Moonrakers Comedy Club at the Bear Cellarbar in Devizes. You are assured of a warm welcome and I promise it will be the most fun you have ever had in a Cellar. Unless of course you have a really dark secret and are a bit strange.



10% discount off your bill at Bear Grills Bistro on performance night on production of your ticket! Please join us on Twitter @MooniesComedy for regular info. and also one-liners from the cream of the Comedy Circuit. Tickets available from The Bear Hotel This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - 01380 722444 Also available at The British Lion and Devizes Books Book online at: Line-up can be subject to change but Moonrakers guarantees fantastic acts