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And we are back!


How did Christmas and New Year go? Everyone I ask says “It was quiet” I don’t know if that was a factual statement, meant they didn’t want to talk about it, or thought it strange that I asked being as I didn’t know them. Or of course they could be hard of hearing.

So now that you have worked all the excess mince pies and alcohol off and managed to get through “Blue Monday” (the alleged most depressing day of the year not the New Order track)  you may be considering  a night out………….a bit of a laugh maybe?

Come on you know you do really. Forget about the weather. It’s been windier than Eric Pickles trousers after a three bean salad, a curry and….well just add the food that gives you flatulence of your choice and we have had so much rain I have had to purchase an aqualung for our cat. Trying to get it to wear the flippers was particularly awkward. (If you don’t know who Eric Pickles is. Google him. You will be horrified at the results.)

So put all that behind you. Forget that you are carrying more weight than is medically advisable unless you want to develop type two diabetes, that your fence has blown down and your cat has drowned and come along to the Moonrakers Comedy Club at the Bear Cellar Bar in Devizes.

We have some great acts for you this season. Including two Australians, who I am sure will not mention the cricket, an act who was recently on “Live at the Apollo”, plus lots of top talent from the UK and international comedy circuit plus up and coming acts who in the very near future you will be huge so you will able to boast to your mates “I saw them in Devizes for only £8!”


Our first night is on Feb. 6th and our acts are:

Opener:              Jelly Bean Martinez:

Headliner:           Damian Clark:

Plus support from new up and coming acts Tighe O’Conner and Fitz.

You can buy tickets on-line here:

Second night of the season is on March 6th and features:

Opener:               Paul Savage:

Headliner:           Yianni Agisilaou:

Plus special guests. You can buy tickets on-line here:


Our third night is April 3rd. We are hoping by then it would have stopped raining. Our line-up is.

Opener:               Paul Ricketts:

Headliner:           Andy White:

Plus special guests. You can buy tickets on-line here:


Our fantastic last night of the season features

Opener:               Ashley Frieze:

Headliner:           Romesh Ranganthan:

Purchase your token to enter a world of mirth here:


M/C’s for the night will be either esteemed performer and writer and broadcaster (BBC, Talkback…..the list just goes on and on) Martin Brown or young hairy upstart and bloke who seems to have a problem clearing his bedroom up when asked, Jack Brown, who will probably bore you with tales of him performing across the country opening for acts such as Russell Howard. I once gigged with Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran but you don’t hear me going on and on about it do you?!

Although to be fair you probably would if you lived in my house.

Hope you can come along to join our family (not in a weird way, you will not be required to drink Kool-Aid) at the Moonrakers Comedy Club at the Bear Cellarbar in Devizes. You are assured of a warm welcome and I promise it will be the most fun you have ever had in a Cellar. Unless of course you have a really dark secret and are a bit strange.




10% discount off your bill at Bear Grills Bistro on performance night on production of your ticket! @MooniesComedy Tickets available from The Bear Hotel This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - 01380 722444 Also available at The British Lion and Devizes Books Book online at: Line-up can be subject to change but Moonrakers guarantees fantastic acts